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HAPPY GIRLS BOUTIQUE- A exclusive space for girls to experience what it’s like to be fashionably "Loud, Proud & Celebrated!  Our boutique houses trendy clothing, custom birthday apparel, fabulous gifts, natural products, accessories, party attire and more.


HAPPY GIRLS PARTY BOUTIQUE-  If you're looking for a place where girls can be girls, look no further then HAPPY GIRL BOUTIQUE! Let our party team empower, pamper and celebrate your special day with friends, family and 100% Fun!

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OUR PHILOSOPHY is to teach, beautify, uplift and most of all inspire. Our company takes pride in fashioning an unforgettable atmosphere that is inclusive to all girls and teens from all walks of life. As a team that believes in Girl Power we make it our responsibility to be much more than just a party boutique.


OUR REACH We take pride in leading by example, our goal is to leave a positive imprint in the lives of our customers and community. We are involved and as a company we give back. We encourage our customers to attend our in store workshops, fashion events and we take pride in contributing to community programs.

OUR TRUTH We express the importance of female representation by changing the narrative of what beauty is supposed to be. We trust that our girls will make friends and learn how to be happy with who they are and embrace feeling fabulous and gorgeous inside and out.  


HAPPY GIRLS MOTTO- We believe all girls can become anything and anyone in life with a little inspiration, guidance and confidence.

I Am Smart,

I Am Cool,

I Am Beautiful 

I can do Anything that I put my mind to!


 "Live happy today, tomorrow and forever".

 -Happy Girls Boutique

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